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Over one hundred years ago healing rooms have been raised by John. G. Lake. This ministry is apparently stopped after his death. It says on his site that in 1999 the Lord told Cal Pierce to breathe new life spiritual into the healing rooms of John Lake.

Looking at the biography of Lake will notice that he was in contact with his deceased wife. She would have told him to continue his ministry. As we read the accounts of people, than we see that they look very similar to what we saw happen with the Lakeland revival. We’re talking about thekundalini force. This is a spiritual power which is mainly used in Eastern religions.

First thing you notice when viewing the homepage of Healing Rooms Netherlands is that the usual Word of Faith proclamations are used.

The site gives a prayer you can pray so that your immune system is addressed. The body should function as God intended. But if we read this take a note that it ignores the fact that we live in a broken world. Disease is something that occurs in this world. But the vision of Healing Rooms is based on the principle that all healing is included in our redemption.

There are many biblical texts cited to show that we are all supposed to be healthy. Now it’s not that God doesn’t heal today. I believe that even today He still does. He also gave us doctors. There are  medications that can help the body to recover for a reason. And of course some people may also  be miraculously healed by God.

Suppose that God’s intention was to everyone who comes to faith in Jesus to be healed completely. Wouldn’t it make far more sense that we should be directly perfectly healthy  after we have accepted Jesus? That’s still far more logical than that through using whatever, in this case by Healing Rooms, healing would come up?

I believe the people of Healing Rooms are quite sincere in their purpose, only it is  not biblical found. You can also just come to the Healing Rooms to receive a blessing from God. Then I think where are back to trying to get anything  instead of having faith.

They want healing, they want a blessing. They want more. But must we not seek God’s hand instead of his face?


Posted juni 18, 2013 by Dutch Bible Research Center.

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