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Here you find the Fire in the “churches” of the Christianity. We  now that the most satanic religion is the Christianity and for sure when you see what you see now than you see that Satan is in the Church and Jesus Christ is waiting for you outside the church. Here you see a Fire! Church and there is no difference in that church or in the hell. Let we look at it:

Now let we look when the souls are screaming in the hell and you will see that there is NO difference.

Now stomach crawling is this what you see here. Here becomes the fire over the children. Chris Harve,  who was leading the service, brought this so called fire into his country to bring that fir also over Australia. Let we have a look:

Here is the Fire as well:

On 1:35-1:46 the woman describes perfectly how the hell looks like. See two clips before where the hell is exposed on this site. Here in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, we have a Fire school. When you look at this site you’ll see it.


Posted april 5, 2013 by Dutch Bible Research Center.

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