so let’s hash it out…   2 comments

so let’s hash it out….

I saw this article and it really moved me.  This sister in Christ m’Kayla is really busy to warn people about Bethell Redding California; IHOP; New Apostolic Reformation…. , Todd Bentley;  Heidi Baker; Patricia King and Angela Greenig (“The Golden Girls”); Toronto and the Toronto Blessing; Bill Johnson with his Glorie cloud which maybe comes out of his “Glorie hole” and more from those kind of Jezebels false teachers and I from my hand I am warning about TRIN or the new name the  Gospelmusicfestival which is becoming the Dutch Bethell Church here in the Netherlands with lot of thanks to Mattheus van der Steen frim TRIN/GMF. And than we have Mission Possible with the same club of people and that is good for the Big falling away and this in an evangelical package. Amen.


2 responses to “so let’s hash it out…

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  1. Thank you! Many blessings to you in Christ Jesus as you help to open the eyes of the decieved. 🙂

    • Thank you M’Kayla. You too always. I keep on looking at your site daily. Because there are walking some strange people around. Don’get sewed by those people as I am sewed by one of those. Mattheus van der Steen who works as well in The Netherlands as also in the USA. Look for his name. He is a brand new one in the New Apostolic Reformation. I stay definitely tuned by what you are doing and you are welcome to do that by me too.

      M’Kayla when you use the Fire fox there is also an add on there with a S3 translator that you can download. When you use that and also for the translation Dutch – English than you are able to read everything. But this site is more for the people in my country The Netherlands.

      Bless you. In Christ we are bound. Amen.

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