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Jesus Culture 3

The Jesus Culture : The New Heritics


New group from the Bethel Redding Church in California where Bill Johnson makes the Word Faith rules there which is a false gospel and we have spoken about that teaching here on this site before.  The one and only Dutch lunatic and false teacher here in the Netherlands or actually 3 are: 1. Mattheus van der Steen; 2. Jan Sjoerd Pasterkamp and 3.  Jaap Dieleman. The Believers Rest is the Lord Jesus Christ thankful and greatful that they don’t see them after this life in the Kingdom of Heaven, but that’s another matter. But also Bill Johnson we don’t see hm as well in teh Kingdom of Heaven either. He gets a very special place in the deepest pit of the abyss as well and I can’t wait when they are arrived there. You can look on the List of death of the so called Christian leaders . Now that being said we see here now the new heretics for the coming years.  Let nobody deceive you in every means. Also not through these bunch of lunatics.

Here the new film of them and be really shocked by what you see. They are really coming out of the deepest gates of hell in all their ways.

You can also look at another film from them on this website:

Jesus Culture

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